When I was working at HP I recognized potential for a brand partnership with a renowned cinematographer. He was an avid user of the high-end HP DreamColor monitor and had even blogged about the product.  I believed that if we could interview the cinematographer and promote the video on YouTube, HP.com and through PR that we could gain additional traction for this high-end, color-critical display.

That 'aha!' moment for my Director led to the execution of the project and an approved $20K budget. This first interview led to larger budgets and two additional video interviews from this expert cinematographer. The department continues to follow this strategy with new product launches.

I pursued the idea and my Director realized the value when I explained that this man was a Brand Champion and we could use the interview as a customer testimonial for product introduction.

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Strategic Marketing for B2B / B2B / SaaS Milwaukee, WI

I have managed everything from small one-off campaigns all the way up to $25 million promotions. I'm not afraid to pursue new technologies because my experience easily transfers into learning new skills and new technologies such as developing new SharePoint sites, building websites, and incorporating analytics.

I love every part of marketing, from the strategy to design, user testing, campaign deployment, and analytics. I am just as happy to work with data as I am with creative design. There are so many moving parts, and each one has the potential to bring new life and new customers, and that's what I love about what I do for a living. 

I have managed the oversight and development of corporate websites for B2B and B2C companies and have been responsible for SEO, User Experience, and content updates. My diverse background includes everything from creative design to database marketing, CRM management, lead generation, email marketing, and tradeshow management.

I started my career in print marketing and my role quickly expanded to digital marketing for email and web. I have also gained tremendous experience with social media, product marketing, loyalty marketing, CRM/Database marketing, lead generation, event management, SEO/SEM, and content marketing.  

I was laid off from my role of Marketing Manager in 2017, and I put my experience to work and created my own B2B brand, Quality SEO - Integrated Marketing Solutions. I worked with owners of small businesses, start-ups and non-profits and helped them grow their brands through strategic digital marketing.