Strategic Marketing for B2B / B2B and SaaS Milwaukee, WI


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University of Phoenix

Bachelor of Science: Business / E-Business

GPA: 3.75

  • I enrolled in this program to learn about ecommerce in the digital world.
  • My class was the first to enroll and the first to graduate from the new Dallas campus.
  • I worked full time while attending school full time and the payoff was worth all the time and effort.
  • Since I graduated, I have integrated new marketing channels for companies that were not pursuing these channels before I was hired.
  • I have developed SharePoint sites.
  • I have implemented and managed social media.
  • I have built and managed several web sites for myself and others, and a new corporate website for a B2B company in healthcare. 
  • I am self taught in Google Adwords, and use this tool as part of my SEO strategy for writing new content.
  • I build Google Analytics into all my websites because I want to know more about what drives site visitors, and how I can provide the solutions they seek. 
  • I have implemented Google AdSense on multiple websites.
  • I utilize feedback from Google PageSpeed Insights to optimize my websites.
  • I constantly challenge myself to learn more. I am in the process of developing mobile apps.